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Critical Illness Benefits

Our group critical illness insurance benefit offers risk cover to financially protect employees and their families in the event of long-term illness, disability or death while working.

  • Four basic benefit structures to choose from.
  • Pays a lump sum amount.
  • Additional options and benefits to enhance basic cover.

What is the Critical Illness Benefit?

Critical illness can strike anyone, at any time. The financial health of a family can be severely impacted when a breadwinner is out of action and needs extra care. It is important to take out dread disease cover for your employees in today’s world where healthcare costs increase rapidly along with medical advancements.

This is a benefit that pays a lump sum amount when an employee is diagnosed with or suffers one of the conditions listed in your policy, such as cancer or heart disease.

Our cover options

We offer four options to choose from depending on your employees’ needs.

Cancer Protection

This benefit covers employees for cancer only, the leading cause of critical illness claims.


Covers the major critical illnesses like heart attacks, cancer, and strokes that occur most commonly.


This covers all the conditions under Essential, plus additional conditions that are also severe, but less common, like Parkinson’s disease, lupus, and multiple sclerosis.

Advanced Protection

This benefit pays if an employee is severely impaired, even if the accident, disease, or illness is not listed under any of the conditions set out in the policy.

Additional options and benefits

The following benefits, which are designed for flexibility and peace of mind, allow you to enhance the cover for your employees.

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Three options for your employees

  • Cover their spouse for the same critical illness conditions at the same benefit level.
  • Young adults over the age of 18 can be covered up to age 21, or 26 if studying, for the same conditions as the main member and for the same Rand amount.
  • Children are covered for 15% of the employee’s benefit level as well as additional childhood-specific conditions like childhood leukaemia.

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Extra cover for unforeseen accidents

You can add more cover for specific accidents that pay a fixed Rand amount. This option is for employees only and covers blood transfusions, major bone fractures, and accident reconstructive surgery.

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Maximise cover for the most common conditions

For strokes, cancer, heart attacks and coronary artery bypass graft surgeries, you have the option to boost these benefits by increasing the payment level to 100% of the benefit for all severity levels.

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Cost-effective option with flexible cover

Unlike the traditional, salary-based structure, this benefit pays an amount of R50 000 for all employees. Employees can increase or decrease their cover in R50 000 increments up to a maximum of
R200 000. No underwriting is required for this cost-effective option and employees can increase or decrease their cover at any time.

Want to know more?

What are the conditions covered and the severity level of each critical illness?

You can choose any of our four benefit options and enhancements to meet the specific needs of your business and employees.

To see what conditions are covered and how the severity levels work, you can download this pdf.
Can an employee claim for more than one critical illness?

Yes, an employee who receives a Critical Illness Benefit can also claim for another critical illness if it is unrelated to the previous claim. Employees who received a partial benefit can also claim the rest of the total benefit if their condition gets worse later.
How is the benefit paid out?

The Critical Illness Benefit is paid as a lump sum, usually a multiple of annual salary or Rand amount.

More about Critical Illness Benefits

For more information, download the documents below:

Critical Illness Benefit

Other Illness Benefits

Care Cash Support Benefit

Pays out a Rand amount for each day the member stays in hospital, regardless of the actual medical costs.

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