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Mom and dad standing in front of their home with their two young daughters.

Safety for Sure

Safety for Sure is a Content Series that takes a deep dive into how you can safely minimise the impact of load shedding to protect your home appliances and keep you and your loved ones safe.

Load shedding is not going anywhere – well, at least for now. Gear up for load shedding with these valuable tips from Momentum Insure:

  • Invest in surge protector plugs for all electronic equipment and appliances.
  • Start practising the "power-of switch off" to prevent damage from electric surges. This includes geysers, fridges, TVs and any other large appliances. Wait for at least 15 to 20 minutes after the power has been restored before switching them back on.
  • Always ensure that all your equipment and systems installed are SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) approved.

Introducing our Safety for Sure content series


Zweli, an inspirational hero

Zwelakhe Ndhlazi, better known as Zweli, captured our hearts with his inspiring story about saving his father's ice cream and atchar business on the brink of ruin due to load shedding.

Thinking of investing in a solar system? View Zweli's tips on investing in a solar system.


Unplugging devices and the saving grace of an inverter

In our 2nd episode, Aki visits Kent and Bianca Klein, who speak about what a day in the life means for them, planning their routine around load shedding with 2 young children and the impact load shedding has had on them. They speak to Aki about the importance of unplugging devices and the saving grace of an inverter.


Behavioural changes can help keep your possessions safe

In our 1st episode the spotlight is shone on the challenges load shedding poses for Mpumi Manzini, a single mom with a young child in school, and how she can safely and practically navigate through the rolling blackouts by making minor adjustments to her behaviour to keep her precious possessions safe.


Let's go. Let go.

Along with 5 influencers, we have created a 5-part web series that shows why people who feel safer live a more confident life. It illustrates how Momentum Insure understands human behaviour and creates products that allow you to live a full life without fear holding you back so that you can achieve your goals no matter where you are on your life’s journey. This web series is about helping someone get back to their journey of success without fear and worry. It’s time to let go of fear…let’s go!

Nicole takes a leap!

When you feel safe, it removes the worry and anxiety and gives you the confidence to live your life freely. Influencer Nicole Capper goes to the Soweto towers to conquer her fear of heights.

Thandy let’s momentum take the wheel!

Like a lot of people, Thandy likes to be in control. Watch @thandymatlaila as she puts her trust in the Science of Safety and let’s go of control.

Jessica sleeps easier with momentum by her side

@JessicaNkosi doesn't like to be alone in a big house and hearing things go bump in the night. So, Momentum Insure put her to the test. But she’s not alone in the dark. We’ve got an expert from Momentum Insure, along with a human behaviourist, to help her sleep a little easier.

Mduduzi doesn’t let creepy crawlies bug him

Momentum Insure is getting up close with Mduduzi as he tackles his fear of creepy crawlies. Don’t worry, we’ve got @timothymaurice and @BradleyRDaniels, and one of our Momentum Insure experts to help him.

The rain doesn’t dampen Zamani’s confidence

It’s time for Zamani Mbatha to overcome his fear of driving in the rain. Life can get a little slippery, but with the right advice and the knowledge that you are covered with the right safety solutions from Momentum Insure, you can drive anywhere with confidence.

Let’s get you confident on your journey to success!

Timothy Maurice introduces Momentum’s Insure’s "Let go, Let’s go" 5-part web series where some of our favourite personalities get the opportunity to conquer their fears.

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