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Young lady with a blue floral top holding a cell phone in her hands smiling as she discovered she can earn up to 30% of paid premiums back in cash every year, even if you claim, at no additional cost.

Safety Returns

Can you imagine an insurer that rewards you for being safe? When you join the Momentum Safety Returns rewards programme, you can earn up to 30% of paid premiums back in cash every year, even if you claim, at no additional cost.

By joining Safety Returns, you can earn points for engaging with our safety features on the Momentum App:

  • Safer driving behaviour with Safe DayzTM.
  • Completing the Safety Score questionnaire, which scores your safety on the road, at home or wherever you may be.
  • Activating Safety Alert, a free mobile panic button that protects you and a loved one whenever you feel unsafe.

How do I earn Safety Returns?

Safety Returns is available to you at no additional cost. The combined result of your Safety Score, Safe Dayz earned, Safety Alert activation, and other features aimed at keeping you safe, determines your yearly Safety Returns cashback. You can read below to learn how to get more rewards by being safer.

A young woman leaning against her car looking at her cell phone excitedly as she seamlessly activated her Safety Returns.

Activating your Safety Returns is easy

Earn up to 30% cashback on your premiums every year, even if you claim, with a programme that rewards you for being safe.

  • Ensure you are a car and home insurance policyholder with Momentum Insure.
  • Download the Momentum App from the Apple App Store, Google Play store or the Huawei App Gallery.
  • Log in to the Momentum App with the same login details used on the Momentum website.
  • Accept the Safety Returns Terms and Conditions.

A young lady smiling while driving her car – she has just earned a Safe Dayz by travelling safely to and from her destination.

Safe DayzTM

A feature that records your journeys and measures your safety whether you’re behind the wheel, in the passenger seat, or on a train. It includes alerts for fatigue and distracted driving. You’ll earn Safe Dayz even on non-travel days if Safe Dayz is activated and your GPS settings are on. You’ll get a daily score based on your driving behaviour for every journey. If your daily score is 80% or more, you earn a safe day. The more Safe Dayz you earn, the better your rewards. Information gathered is only used to calculate your Safe Dayz and Safety Returns, and will not be used if you claim.

Safe Dayz is available for free on the Momentum App.

A young woman with curly hair and wearing a red jacket and sunglasses walking in a street.

Safety Alert

A panic button feature available to Momentum Insure policyholders plus an additional person (nominee). Safety Alert is available on the Momentum App, at no extra cost.

By registering for Safety Alert you and the ones you love will have unlimited access to more than 1 800 armed responders 24/7/365 days a year, whenever you feel unsafe, no matter where you may be.

The feature comes with a real-time and interactive map to track the responding vehicle’s movement plus details of the responder that will be dispatched to you.

Two young females in a parked car looking at the passenger’s cell phone showing her completed Safety Score.

Safety Score

We recognise the measures you’ve already taken to be safe. By completing our Safety Score questionnaire and validations you will earn towards your Safety Returns, and it will make you aware of your personal safety, your safety on the road, as well as in your home and environment. The best part? The questionnaire will give you insights into your safety, which will enable us to make relevant recommendations to help you understand and improve your safety.

While the Safety Score questionnaire and validations such as safety checks on your car, must be completed and uploaded at least once a year, you can make updates during the year as your circumstances change.

An open laptop displaying the Safety Returns self-service tools.


We understand how busy life gets and want to make it easier for you however we can. With our self-service features on the Momentum website, you can earn points when you conveniently update information about your car and home insurance and submit a valid claim for windscreen or hail damage. Points toward your Safety Returns will also be allocated when you submit a valid claim for windscreen, hail damage or car accident (where the car is drivable) on the Momentum App.

Ready to start earning Safety Returns?

A cashback reward of up to 30% could be yours every year by taking these steps to help ensure your safety.
Read our Safety Returns how-to guide for more information.

Car driving forward icon in red.

Have car and home insurance with Momentum Insure

Get access to Safety Returns, at no additional cost, by being a Momentum Insure client and protect the things you have worked hard for.

Download the Momentum App icon in red.

Download the Momentum App

The Momentum App is available for free to all Momentum clients. Download and register or log in using your login details.

Start earning with our Safety Returns rewards programme icon in red.

Start earning with our Safety Returns rewards programme

Begin your journey toward earning your 30% cash back by accepting the terms and conditions for Safety Returns and related safety features like Safety Alert.

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