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Impairment cover

If you become permanently or temporarily disabled, your life changes completely. The right financial support can help you through the emotional impact on you and your loved ones.

Having income protection cover helps you maintain your lifestyle when you cannot work so that you and your family are financially protected.

  • Provides financial support for lifestyle adjustments like rehabilitation or alterations to your home or car.
  • Pays for ongoing costs like that of a private nurse or a frail care facility.
  • You could save up to 35% on your monthly premium with a personalised LifeReturns® premium discount.
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Save money on your life insurance premium

Get life insurance that helps you save every month. LifeReturns uses the latest technology to quickly and accurately assess your health risk factors to calculate your personalised life insurance premium discount.

What is impairment insurance?

Provides financial support if you are diagnosed with a permanent illness or injury.
Protects you against the long-term financial impact of permanent illnesses or injuries such as paraplegia, blindness and dementia.
Cover starts at R100 000, and you can increase or decrease your premium whenever you want.
Claims are paid out to the policyholder, and payouts are tax-free.

Want to know more?

Claims and payouts

When doesn't it pay out?

Momentum will not pay a claim if the insured person is not permanently impaired and if they are not receiving, or are refusing, the medical treatment they could reasonably be expected to undergo according to current best practice medical protocols; and which could substantially improve or remove the condition being claimed for.
Who gets paid?

The benefit amount will be paid out to the policyholder.
How long does it take to pay out a claim?

We will pay out as soon as permanence is established.
Is my claim payment taxable?

No. This benefit is tax-free.


How do you work out my premium?

The premium depends on the person insured's age, gender, smoker status, and health as well as the premium pattern chosen at the outset of the policy.
What if I skip a payment?

If you skip a payment, the policy won’t lapse as long as we receive a payment within the 30 days grace period.

Cover term and amount

Will the cover amount change over time?

If the person insured chose an increasing cover amount during the application process, the cover amount will increase annually and so will the policy premium.
How long am I covered for?

The person insured can choose how long he/she wants to be covered for up to retirement age 65 or 70 years.
Can I increase or decrease my cover amount?

Yes, the cover amount can be changed through an alteration process.

Want a quote?

You’ll get a quote reflecting your premium amount at the end of the process.

Need advice?

Discuss the benefits of having life insurance with a certified financial adviser.

Contact Momentum
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Business hours are Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00. We're closed on weekends and public holidays.

Client service and policy alterations

Business hours are Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00. We're closed on weekends and public holidays.


[email protected]
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Please use the applicable email address above for your relevant claim type. If you send your claim documents to the incorrect email, your claim handling could be delayed.

International number:

+27 11 505 1552

Our business hours are Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00. We’re closed on weekends and public holidays.

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