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Retail retirement funds trustee newsletter 2023

We are proud to share another Momentum retail retirement funds trustee newsletter with you. How you invest for retirement is one of your most important financial decisions. It's worth it to take the time to understand the rule changes to transferring retirement annuity contracts and how changes to Regulation 28 will affect your retirement fund investments.

We also explain the advantages of using retirement benefit counselling when you're nearing retirement, how to choose the right annuity as part of retirement planning and why it's important to nominate a beneficiary on your retirement fund.

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How transfers of retirement annuity contracts have changed

Since 1 March 2023, the law prescribing the transfer of a contract from one retirement annuity fund to another has changed. Before this date, you had to transfer all your contracts from one retirement annuity fund to another.

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Advantages of retirement benefit counselling

Retirement funds must give their members access to retirement benefit counselling when they near retirement and at retirement. This helps members understand what retirement options are available.

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Choosing the right annuity at retirement

A successful retirement means you can maintain your standard of living without financial assistance from others. Making smart decisions about how to manage your retirement savings is essential.

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Advantages of nominating a beneficiary

The death benefit from your retirement fund will not necessarily be distributed as specified on your nomination. Making a beneficiary nomination gives you control and certainty over where your money will go.

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Changes to Regulation 28: How does it affect you?

From January 2023, Regulation 28 of the Pension Funds Act will limit how much retirement funds can invest in particular asset classes or individual assets to protect retail investors.

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