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An executor conducts a preliminary interview with family members during the estate administration process.

Deceased Estate Administration

Settling a deceased estate is a stressful time for those left behind. With Momentum Trust's estate administration services, you don't have to deal with the practicalities on your own following the death of a loved one.

  • We process the deceased estate as South African law requires.
  • We act as an executor or executor's agent of the deceased's estate.
  • We safeguard the interests of beneficiaries and creditors in the process.

Get peace of mind with experienced professionals to correctly execute a Will and settle the deceased’s affairs.

What is a deceased estate?

A pair of reading glasses on documentation related to a deceased’s estate, with a person on their computer reading the estate administration process.

A deceased estate refers to assets and liabilities that an individual leaves behind when they die. Settling a deceased estate in South Africa is a legal requirement. As an appointed executor or agent, we take the required steps to carry out the process with our estate administration services.

8 steps to executing on a deceased estate

Estate onboarding Our specialist administrators collect initial paperwork from the deceased’s family which includes the death certificate and Will (if available).
Conduct a preliminary interview We set up a first interview with relevant parties to review paperwork, determine potential beneficiaries and assess the estate's assets and liabilities.
Appointment of an executor We submit all documentation to The Master of the High Court who formally appoints an executor to attend to the estate’s administration via Letter of Executorship.
Advertise for creditors We advertise for creditors to lodge their claims against the estate.
Prepare the liquidation and distribution (L&D) account We set out the deceased estate's financial position, listing assets, liabilities, estate duties, the beneficiaries, and their inheritance according to the Will.
Advertise the L&D account We advertise the account, which lies for inspection, so that any objections can be lodged with the Master of the High Court.
Distribute the estate We obtain final clearance from SARS, pay creditors, distribute assets to beneficiaries and start transferring fixed property.
Sign off the estate We get approval from the Master of the High Court to close the estate.

Why choose Momentum Trust to administer a deceased estate?

Winding up a deceased estate can become lengthy and costly without the technical expertise to manage the admin-intensive process and deal with unexpected hurdles. With Momentum Trust, you can rest assured that your estate administration is in good hands.

An experienced executor, sitting at her office desk, next to a gavel, with legal documentation, discussing a deceased’s Will with a beneficiary.

Get an experienced executor you can trust

Avoid unnecessary delays, family disputes and legal action. We swiftly carry out the administrative process and distribute the deceased’s assets according to a Will, Trust or Intestate Succession.

A legal expert shaking hands with a client after a deceased estate has been properly settled.

Benefit from legal and financial expertise

Each individual’s personal and financial circumstances differ at the time of their death. We understand the legislative framework to properly settle the deceased’s debt and taxes and distribute assets to the beneficiaries.

An estate administrator showing support to a family member during a preliminary interview in the estate administration process.

Get support at every step

Because we understand that the loss of a loved one is traumatic, we’ll be in constant communication with you to ensure a smooth transaction from start to finish. You can also contact us for help related to you or a loved one’s estate.

Time to talk to a
financial adviser?

Our financial advisers are here to guide you every step of the way with settling a deceased estate.

Got any questions?

Find answers to our most frequently asked questions related to drafting a Will, estate planning, deceased estates and Momentum’s Estate Provider Benefit.

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